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We Customized Healthcare Products
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Pindox Pharma is an American multinational Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Company headquartered in Maryland, USA. With more than eight years of professional experience in providing high quality products, namely pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical devices across European and MENA markets.

Pindox Pharma strives to provide the best medical solutions, customized to suit the evolving needs of patients worldwide especially in the MENA region.

Pindox Pharma also aims to be a leading healthcare provider by continuously developing new solutions to the constantly growing health problems by providing high quality products to patients worldwide especially in Asian, European, Middle East and North Africa regions.

Our drive to improve people’s health and quality of life is driven by our mission to provide safe and high-quality branded generic pharmaceutical and food supplement products at an affordable price.

To be a leading healthcare provider of generic pharmaceuticals and food supplements worldwide by building strong relationship with stakeholders in terms of business development and product supply of value added products and services.

Core Values

• High-Quality
• Teamwork
• Integrity
• Respect

We are experienced in providing high quality healthcare products. Our current portfolio includes the following main product's categories:

• Pindox Pharmaceuticals
• Pindox Food supplements
• Pindox Cosmetics
• Pindox Medical Devices

Pindox Pharma is a unique healthcare company with an entrepreneurial-success oriented mindset.

Providing high quality healthcare products to suit every patients needs worldwide

To be a leading Healthcare provider in the MENA region including:

-Saudi Arabia

To be a leading Healthcare provider worldwide including:


How about some facts about Pindox Pharma?


Diverse portfolio including four main product's categories

Rich pharmaceutical and food supplements portfolio to cover all therapeutic areas

A trusted partner, serving customers worldwide with excellent healthcare services